Month: December 2011

News Christmas dress from Chrysalis!!!

Its getting close! Christmas is just around the corner. So lets have some fun with christmas outfits! This awsome dress from Chrysalis is crazy good!! Its raindeer and santa hanging in the back.. Comes with skates, I gone skating this year,, yey!:)

Dress Chrysalis: whatever happened to sant claus

Hair: Bliss Couture – Kylie

New party dress from Biastice!!

Yeyy – who want to dance? meee… I like shaking my ass in this dress… The fringe wiggle sooo great!! Im in crazy monday mood.. I looove modays…lool. I feel young and fresh.. spesialy wearing Baiastice dress! And jewlery from Finesmith!! I looove these creationes.. And the texture at this dress.. one work “fantastic”!

Baiastice dress: Gleam dress silver

Finesmith jewlery: Liquid necklace and earrings. also Lashes

Glam affair : Jadis skin

News from “Seldom Blue”!! Special christmas offer!!

Happy sunday everyone! Its rly busy these days. There is snow all over sl… even on the beach..loool. Today I want to share with you a great christmas gown from Seldom Blue!. Limitid edition only 99L. Comes with fur bolero as shown on my pic. You can also get it in other colors if you prefair..

And for this hot bikini – its limited time only 1L… woooooooooow… its crazy! I love this texuture. It kind of shines and it look so natural and glamorous at same time!

Seldom blue: red dress – Davina – special offer

Hair: Baiastice

Skin: Glam Affair


Seldom blue – bikini – Davina bikini Dollarbie

Winter at Countdown!

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well. Only 13 days till christmas (I celebrate 24th). I have been lucky to have some wonderfull winter looks from Countdown today! I wear this while shopping in sl.. – like is allmost all the time,lol. In the winterlook #3 I also got a great big bag to put all my stuff inside. Like lipstick, hat,visa card!! and all what I buy at Countdown ofcouse:)).

Countdown winter look #1

comes with everything – shirt-pants-shoes- fur neck – fur lower sleve

Hair is from Vanity-Santa blue ice edition

Skin is from: Glam affair – Gio – Lotus

Countdown winterlook #3

comes with pants-blouse-shoes-handbag

Hair is from: TuTys – tamara – black

Skin is from: Glam affair – Gio fair

I found House of rage!

Yesterday I was wondering from place to place. Wanted something different and little avante. Then by a mistake I found House of rage. It is a little shop. Most female outfits but also some male! I fell in Love!! They have a look you dont find all over second life, wich I love. I will share this with all of you! Look at the picture I did of the outfit I found and could not get passed!

Dress:House of Rage – Revolution

Hair: Vanity hair – pointsettiaBlue Ice edition

Skin: Glam Affair – Gio – Lotus


I can tell its winter time. RL and SL. Second life has many pretty places for winter. With this exlusive outfit from Elan I can look great and still be warm. These new outfits are from the new and hot collection! Red knit comes with cute belt and long neck. Coat – comes with cute long neck with fur, and cute fur on sleves!

Elan is participating to this year Zombiepopcorn’s winter event!! A preview of our new winter collection is available at our little cottage with exclusive items.

Im wearing:

From Elan:

pants – pinstriped – greay

coat: Pretty in winter – black

sweather: Knits red