Month: January 2012

Finesmith and Gizza!

I know Im ahead but valentine is getting close. As always Finesmith Jewles comes up with fabilous jewlery. And this time its valentine necklace “totaly free”!! Isn`t that great!! woow! It also comes in 5 colors.. so just choose your favourite! Ps dont forget group tag! And Gizza my love, how could I not wear this dress for valentine 🙂 Its soo sexy and fabilous!! Red color is outstanding!

So run ladies!! dont forget to always look smashing also when shopping!

Dress from Gizza-LE ROUGE

Hair from Baiastice-Boop hair attachment

Necklace and earrings from Finesmith:


Earrings: Rhonda



News from Baiastice and Gizza!

Baiastice look comes in 6 different colors- red-purple-blue-black-rust and green. The blazer you can mix and match your outfit with skirt or jeans. I choose to wear it with the pants in same color.

Gizza look is for your cool look. You have to have a cool look!! And this is what you want to wear! Its outstanding!

Baiastice: Nicole blazer and trousers – color rust. Shoes-Nicki ancle boots-color black. Handbag- queen hobo-color black. comes in 8 different colors

Mandala: Jewlery. Earrings-Iroha-color black.Smexy tie Necklace

Gizza: Dark Swan outfit. Comes with trousers,blazer,hat and front accessory. Shoes- Wedge boots black

News from Gizza. Dark feather series!

This is in my Most Wanted List! There is alot of brands out there, but Gizza sure stands out. In their shop they have clothes for every taste. This new collection “Dark Feather” is a mix of avante garde and couture. Superbe!

Gizza: Dark Feather Series IV

Hair : Bizarre: CoCoon

Skin: Glam Affair – Linn Tan-Galaxy

Gizza- Dark Feather series III

Hair- Baiastice: Grand Soiree

Skin: Glam Affair:Jadis V2-light

Gizza: Dark Feather Series II

Hair: Baiastice: grand Soiree- Ultrablack

shoes: eLic

News from Diram! Lady Gaga!

Lets get crazy with Gaga! New looks from Diram brings out the best in you. You look modern and elegant in the same way! Truly new fashion look!

Lady Gaga quote:“You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way.”
― Lady Gaga

Diram- Lady Gaga “Marry the night 2″(full outfit inkluding the hat)

Glam Affair- skin “YadisV2 light”D06

Diram- Lady Gaga “Marry me the night 1

MADesign-hair – Penelope black

Free from Aleida!

The weekend is getting close. Yesterday I was walking around trying to find this “special” outfit. I walked into Aleida. They have alot of Good News!! It was hard to choose wich I wanted so I took a “thinking” break and got this free outfit from them in my “thinking break” lool. I love this!! and its free!! Its amazing! I just wanted to share this with you untill Im finish thinking of wich outfit I will choose for my next visit!

Aleida: dress and stockings – Paula babydoll dress

Hair from Baiastice: Wind hair