Some thoughts about Mesh!

Mabe I dont understand the alpha layer deal… But Im having hard time with putting on pants,sweather and shoes with mesh. I always try demos now before buying. Most have alpha layer for sweather and pants in same alpha!!!. So… when I want pants and sweather on at the same time it look like shit! Im using Phoenix viewer 1.6.0. It dont work with “ad” alpha… Does anyone have same problem as me?

In this pic I have on sweather from Gizza and pants from Maitreya. Gizza have layer that say cardigan & full lower pant. So therefore I could use mesh for both pant and cardigan. But I cant wear shoes with mesh… then my sweather and pant… I hope it will get easier. This is just beginning so Im sure designers will find an easy way to do this.

Gizza – Cardigan Mesh – grey

Maitreya: Mesh leather legging – Black

Hair: Chantkare – blond

skin: Glam Affair – Layla light

Mandala – jewlery



  1. Hi 🙂

    Sorry for my poor english. Well the Phoenix (normal one) doesn’t work with “add” alpha. Just Firestorm do it…

    I have same problem cause I cant log using Firestorm…

    Sad I know.

    Congrats for your nice blog and good luck with your alphas 🙂

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