News from Finesmith and Bizarre!

I love hair and jewlery! Here are som of my favourites! Finesmith jewlery newly came out with thes amazing jewles. I can use them to casual,avante or classy party.

Bizarre Hair have alot of accessories with their hair. This time some come with jewlery and other with feathers.. nice! You can choose if you want accessories with or without. And also choose if you want whisks or not! lol… love it!:)

Fashion is all about happiness. It’s fun. It’s important. But it’s not medicine.
Donatella Versace 

Finesmith Jewlery: Aesthetic Value-Fusion (set with earings-necklace-Bracelet

Bizarre Hair- Dreamcatcher(comes with Jewlery)

Bizarre Hair- Feather(comes with different types of feather,so just choose your favourite. I have used the Giraffe feather)

Finesmith Jewlery: Scatterheart (set with necklace and earrings)

BeautyCode: Skin – Sharon Light tan



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