Almost spring time! I feel the sun is getting warmer and Im loving it!

Finesmith jewlery is from the newest limitied collection.Organic the way of life! Wonderfull colors for spring!LaVie skin extravegant made! Comes in 9 different face options. Just pick your favourite… all look great, so it be hard to choose.:). Bizarre hair inspired for the gypsy market fair. COmes with several hud options and colors. Grab your demo and  start trying all options.BeautyCode is out with Sophia creme skin. Skin comes with 10 different options, and with, or without teeth!

Everywhere you go, take a smile with you.

Finesmith jewlery:Organic Turquose
LaVie skin: MeiMei *7

Finesmith jewlery:Organic -platinum
LaVie skin: MeiMei *7

Bizarre hair-gypsye-blond
BeautyCode skin: Sophia creme


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