News from Sashas Design – Bizarre hair and Maylo Jewlery!!

It`s freeeeezing cold outside, but you still can look hot with Bizarre and Maylo!! 🙂

New wonderfull gown from SAS. Comes in several colors and adjustable skirt! You can wear it long or short. I choosen to show you long version! Enjoy!!


” The key to getting where you want is getting out of the way of yourself.”


Gown: from Sashas Design
Hair: from Bizarre
Skin: from Glam Affair-Jadis light

Hair:from Bizarre - HeaveNJewlery: from Maylo Designs - HeaveNSkin: from Glam Affair-Roza Unnamed

Hair:from Bizarre – HeaveN Jewlery: from Maylo Designs – HeaveN and Choker Hell Skin: from Glam Affair-Roza Unnamed Makeup:from Headhunters



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