My differents Styles

Womenstuff hunt!!!

What a great hunt!! I have got alot of great stuff from some wonderfull designers!! I want to share it with you, so I took some pictures!

Gizza – womenstuff gift-(dress w/belt)

House of Rage-womenstuff gift (dress)

Redgrave-womenstuff gift (shirt and pants)

Tres Beau – womenstuff hunt-(jacket,pants and scarf)


Free from Aleida!

The weekend is getting close. Yesterday I was walking around trying to find this “special” outfit. I walked into Aleida. They have alot of Good News!! It was hard to choose wich I wanted so I took a “thinking” break and got this free outfit from them in my “thinking break” lool. I love this!! and its free!! Its amazing! I just wanted to share this with you untill Im finish thinking of wich outfit I will choose for my next visit!

Aleida: dress and stockings – Paula babydoll dress

Hair from Baiastice: Wind hair

Me wearing Leezu outfit!

Happy New Year everyone!! I wich all the best styles for 2012:) I look forward to see what Second Life fashion will look like in this new year. But I have to say that Im glad all christmas outfits is over. It was fun to watch all new creations for all designers. SOme were realy amazing! It was fun to walk into Leezu and see new ouftits. I fell in love with this look! I love it. Leezu clothes is always in good quality and good design. It is also great to mix and match with other items in your “closet”.


Sissy wool cardigan – black

Sissy linen skirt-pink

Sissy tights – black


shoes – Far boots – solid


Hair – Emo – black


makeup – Glitter makeup 01

Glam affair:

skin – layla light


I found House of rage!

Yesterday I was wondering from place to place. Wanted something different and little avante. Then by a mistake I found House of rage. It is a little shop. Most female outfits but also some male! I fell in Love!! They have a look you dont find all over second life, wich I love. I will share this with all of you! Look at the picture I did of the outfit I found and could not get passed!

Dress:House of Rage – Revolution

Hair: Vanity hair – pointsettiaBlue Ice edition

Skin: Glam Affair – Gio – Lotus

News from Angel Dessous!!!

Lovely new gown from Angel Dessous! Again may I say! This is one of a kind gown with lovely long skirt in back and a nice bow in front! You will realy stand out at an event in this gown! Love it!!



Gown from: Angel Dessous

Mel Gold-c

Hair is from : Tukinowaguma – Oriana Ebony

Jewlery from Finesmith: Vision – Gold