News from Sashas Design,MayLoDesign,Bizarre and Leezu!

Alot of news comming out from great designers these days! Love it!

Here is some mix and match from some I love!

Sascha`s Design: “Helios” champagne color

Skin: LaVie: Hope pale

Hair from: Osmose

Skin from Lavie: Hope – pale

Jewlery from MayLoDesign: Key 2 my heart

Leezu dress: Sophia Red

Hair from: Bizarrre-Gypsy

Jewlery from Mandala


Me wearing Leezu outfit!

Happy New Year everyone!! I wich all the best styles for 2012:) I look forward to see what Second Life fashion will look like in this new year. But I have to say that Im glad all christmas outfits is over. It was fun to watch all new creations for all designers. SOme were realy amazing! It was fun to walk into Leezu and see new ouftits. I fell in love with this look! I love it. Leezu clothes is always in good quality and good design. It is also great to mix and match with other items in your “closet”.


Sissy wool cardigan – black

Sissy linen skirt-pink

Sissy tights – black


shoes – Far boots – solid


Hair – Emo – black


makeup – Glitter makeup 01

Glam affair:

skin – layla light


I am dreaming of Vargas from Leezu!

Today I have had a hectic day. I started with photo shots about 13 hours from now. Im doing an ad for a client. And my poor model was to laggy so she kept crashing. I know that feeling to well.. I hate when that happends. But I been not to bad.. only crash 1 time today. Afher all my work I put on this nice fresh yellow dress from Leezu. I felt relaxt and happy right away. It comes in several colors but I fell for this nice yellow.

Outfit from:

Leezu dress – Vargas-yellow

Vanity hair – Lustful nights

Kalnins footwear – orchild


Me chillin!

After a long day (or may I say days) of looking in different shops for something hot:) I fell down on the floor, my feet hurt and im laggy:(. These last days have been terrible for me in sl. But what im about to say is that I went to Bliss, she never lets me down. I fell for this lovely Fur. Color was perfect. Then I tyed on some pants from Leezu to get some cool style over it. And I felt like shopping for new shoes..lool. So I went to Gos. I fell in love with these and they fit perfectly! Huh , well now its work tonight doing some ad pics. Im wearing:

Bliss Fur – Lecker fur Crop Top (Toffee)

Leezu – Burleske Tights

Hair is from AD

Gos shoes – Storm Sandal in black